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Land Clearing

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we are capable of handling any size land clearing project.

Excelsior Land Clearing

Worried about hazardous trees on your property? Ready to get all your trees trimmed and maintain the beauty of your yard? Excelsior is here to help! Our experts can offer comprehensive tree service and more at fair and competitive rates. Diligent and safety-conscious, we can handle tasks of any complexity for commercial and residential clients throughout Scranton, PA.

Large Tree Removal

With tree removal as our expertise, we are fully equipped to take down large and small trees without an issue. Our approach is very safe and methodical, and the tree is usually taken down in manageable segments to minimize the risk to our team and the clients’ property.

Land Clearing

Looking to do a bit of landscaping or building on your property, but there are rocks, trees, and other foliage in the way? We can clear the land thoroughly and remove all the aforementioned obstructions safely. Our experts will follow the client’s plans and ensure great results with the ground clearing project.

Why Hire Excelsior?

We specialize in clearing out heavily wooded land. Our Company goes into the property and clears out all of the unwanted brush and small trees -leaving the large trees standing while clearing everything else so the land can be viewed, walked on, and made more presentable for your needs. We use an Environmentally friendly process that returns nutrients into the soil because we care about your land!

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