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We have built an unequaled reputation for providing a safe, reliable, and quality assured range of professional demolition services.

Demolition Service

We are fully prepared to take care of your demolition service project from beginning to end:

  • Inspection and planning
  • Structure demolition
  • Pool demolitions
  • Debris cleanup, hauling, and disposal
  • We will also provide site prep and dirt wok if needed.

In addition, our debris removal services are provided as a separate service from the demolition service as well.  If you have a property with any kind of debris we will collect, haul, and dispose of it. We can also provide site cleanup services after the debris is removed, such as grading, site preparation, and other dirt work.

Debris Removal

Debris removal can be a big undertaking without the right equipment for removal, hauling, and disposal.  Excelsior Earthworks is here to take the hassle out of debris removal! Let us handle everything so you can stop thinking about the debris and get back to what’s important to you. It does not matter where the debris came from or how it got on your property. Whether the debris is from fallen branches, trees, junk or leftover construction materials, we will take care of it quickly and effectively. And we have all of the tools and equipment needed for quick turnaround time, such as a Bobcat and debris removal vehicles.

Types of Debris We Handle

  • Trees, branches, brush
  • Construction Material Removal
  • Junk and Trash
  • Concrete
  • Everything in between.

Why Hire Excelsior?

Our success is based on  customer satisfaction. By offering excellent service with high quality of work  at competitive prices, a job finished safely, on time and within budget, these  are the key factors that keep our customers coming back.

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